Fortnite Fan Film: Sharpshooter

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Sammy (REX): samerrr2
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Who's pumped for Fortnite vs PUBG 3 ? This video is an origins story that takes place in the Fortnite vs PUBG universe. You may recognize the main character from our previous Fortnite fan film (s). You've seen him boogie. You've seen him attack. Here's his backstory.
Hope you enjoy this fortnite skit. We've been having lots of fun shooting these fortnite in real life videos, and really hope the fortnite deaths and fails are funny. For those of you who saw our previous two Fortnite videos, check out the teaser at the end. Fortnite vs. PUBG 3 is on its way :)
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  1. Ashford Keith

    Ashford Keith

    Mánuði síðan

    Lol he keeps dying and he only got one kill

  2. SamDaHam


    2 mánuðum síðan

    When I turned on the captions after the dude got a kill, he said I will win before he died but the captions read “I will lay low” lol

  3. Sunshine ASMR

    Sunshine ASMR

    4 mánuðum síðan


  4. HerlenJoy Padrones

    HerlenJoy Padrones

    4 mánuðum síðan

    Play some mobile legends not fortnite

  5. Phuong Chung

    Phuong Chung

    5 mánuðum síðan

    Omg the connection!!

  6. Neymar González Castellano

    Neymar González Castellano

    6 mánuðum síðan

    Jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajaja

  7. Moe Badam

    Moe Badam

    6 mánuðum síðan

    The noob Die a lot

  8. Moe Badam

    Moe Badam

    6 mánuðum síðan

    A noob play

  9. ruhul amin

    ruhul amin

    6 mánuðum síðan


  10. Melissa Iz

    Melissa Iz

    6 mánuðum síðan

    I am laughing so hard😂😂😂😂😂

  11. yull


    6 mánuðum síðan

    0:22 such a pro

  12. Risk Killstreak

    Risk Killstreak

    6 mánuðum síðan

    LOVE your vids so good

    • Laugh Over Life

      Laugh Over Life

      6 mánuðum síðan

      Thank you so much!!!

  13. Branson Baraka

    Branson Baraka

    6 mánuðum síðan


  14. Wesam Alharbi

    Wesam Alharbi

    9 mánuðum síðan

    I just got a new

  15. The-Ghoulish-Weeb-01


    9 mánuðum síðan

    You missed him with a shot gun point blank???? You my dude don't suck at the game ... You have the worst luck in the world

  16. G. Scott

    G. Scott

    10 mánuðum síðan


  17. Lhea Magno

    Lhea Magno

    10 mánuðum síðan

    Raptor was a noob

  18. Jesus Pacheco

    Jesus Pacheco

    10 mánuðum síðan


  19. mashallah Fam

    mashallah Fam

    11 mánuðum síðan


  20. Phillip the fish

    Phillip the fish

    Ári síðan

    You died straight away

  21. Phillip the fish

    Phillip the fish

    Ári síðan

    You did straight away

  22. Phillip the fish

    Phillip the fish

    Ári síðan

    You're shit

  23. Peeled Orange

    Peeled Orange

    Ári síðan

    Guy:I am a sharp shooter me:uh no you're not your clearly beat hiding, you get game ended you cant even shoot at all so please stopp 😆😂😆

  24. NiklazPro bakken

    NiklazPro bakken

    Ári síðan

    I will WIN ahh dies* 😂🤣🤣😅

  25. ҜeѶIn cAυѕeĐ ❾1➀ 옻

    ҜeѶIn cAυѕeĐ ❾1➀ 옻

    Ári síðan

    this is cringe you’re gay

  26. Peeled Orange

    Peeled Orange

    Ári síðan

    Wow it's like when jordan gets healed he insults Austin so bad poor Austin

  27. careymix 415

    careymix 415

    Ári síðan

    I am a poor guy to play fortnite I from 🌈 India no money to buy Xbox or PS4

  28. Joshua Román

    Joshua Román

    Ári síðan

    Jajajajaja like. ✌👍

  29. Laust Fuglsang

    Laust Fuglsang

    Ári síðan


  30. Z33 M4N

    Z33 M4N

    Ári síðan

    He is a liar

  31. Renzo Sarmiento

    Renzo Sarmiento

    Ári síðan

    yeah jj

  32. Mary Madrigal

    Mary Madrigal

    Ári síðan

    He can’t win lol

  33. Laugh Over Life

    Laugh Over Life

    Ári síðan

    Support us on fortnite with creator code: Laugh_Over_Life

  34. Deadpool C.

    Deadpool C.

    Ári síðan


  35. Remy from Rat movie, but Human

    Remy from Rat movie, but Human

    Ári síðan

    Sorry I don’t speak English Me: starts speaking French

  36. CringeyChrizz


    Ári síðan

    This start reminds me of the start of Lightning McQueen

  37. ItzCartz


    Ári síðan

    He looks like KreekCraft

  38. kerim ün

    kerim ün

    Ári síðan

    day 2

  39. Dipankar Das

    Dipankar Das

    Ári síðan


  40. Abitha Arunachalam

    Abitha Arunachalam

    Ári síðan

    0:35 lucky try hard lachy

  41. lyon χ

    lyon χ

    2 árum síðan

    Instead. Off can win I can DIE

  42. Games


    2 árum síðan

    You suck bro

  43. crusader 1469

    crusader 1469

    2 árum síðan

    Just so people know the skin he is from pve NOT BATTLE ROYALE so it is a skin so people who say it's not it is

  44. Robot R

    Robot R

    2 árum síðan

    sf l adjsgal

  45. zeno zeno

    zeno zeno

    2 árum síðan


  46. DenverManning18


    2 árum síðan

    I. Love. Fortnite

  47. DenverManning18


    2 árum síðan


  48. كوزمتك


    2 árum síðan

    Wath that

  49. zeno zeno

    zeno zeno

    2 árum síðan

    مسك ننتىنرت

  50. SSJ brothers

    SSJ brothers

    2 árum síðan

    gross teath

  51. Lisa Zoe

    Lisa Zoe

    2 árum síðan

    Why aren’t they

  52. AMERISIUM-234


    2 árum síðan


  53. Spicy Big Chicken

    Spicy Big Chicken

    2 árum síðan

    He's like me lol

  54. Dabadibadooba


    2 árum síðan

    Sharpshooter? More like being sharpshooted

  55. Son Gokan

    Son Gokan

    2 árum síðan

    0:50-0:55 Awe Shiiiiiiiiiit

  56. Han HD

    Han HD

    2 árum síðan


  57. Herofan 6265

    Herofan 6265

    2 árum síðan

    That's me when I play fortnite

  58. Super otaku

    Super otaku

    2 árum síðan


  59. Marcos Gomez

    Marcos Gomez

    2 árum síðan

    You suck

  60. Gang Bois

    Gang Bois

    2 árum síðan

    Oh what noob film bruh plz like comment = 1 kill

  61. Singleplayer


    2 árum síðan

    He gets one kill and says “I am a sharp shooter” when he’s terrible at the game XD

  62. MMRGames 007

    MMRGames 007

    2 árum síðan

    Sharpshooter:I'm a shapshoter Me:your a outlander



    2 árum síðan


  64. maddox lol0

    maddox lol0

    2 árum síðan

    8888888887777778888 lol 😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  65. luis javier

    luis javier

    2 árum síðan

    Hey bro one chanell sthole your video and looks exactly like yours

  66. XWgamer42 .M

    XWgamer42 .M

    2 árum síðan

    You suck you bicth

  67. Gabzmann


    2 árum síðan

    Hey, I'm an editor from Diabolical Gaming and DIABOLICAL. Do we have permission to use this video for our facebook pages? You will be credited. Regards.

    • Laugh Over Life

      Laugh Over Life

      2 árum síðan

      Sure. Thanks for asking :)

  68. Epic Roblox Sk8r

    Epic Roblox Sk8r

    2 árum síðan

    I am a sharpshooter I will win AHHHHHHHHH lol I found the end so funny

  69. Arthur Alves

    Arthur Alves

    2 árum síðan

    No falo a só língua vcs sion Brasileiro deixa o like

  70. Robert William Fisher

    Robert William Fisher

    2 árum síðan

    He is not a SharpShooter

  71. Hamza arbab

    Hamza arbab

    2 árum síðan

    LIKE YOUR VIDEOS.I subscribed and watched all of the fortnite vs pugb series

  72. Humble Shlimey

    Humble Shlimey

    2 árum síðan

    1 like=50th place next game 10 likes=30th place next game 100 likes=10th place next game 250 likes=5th place next game 500 likes=2nd place next game Sub to me=#1 VICTORY ROYALE!

  73. Dream Crusher

    Dream Crusher

    2 árum síðan

    If he died here then why is he still alive at pubg vs fortnite 3

  74. Hyped G4m1ng_10

    Hyped G4m1ng_10

    2 árum síðan

    Me playing Fortnite and raging This is actually true every time I play solos some retards keep killing me

  75. Kenroy clementson

    Kenroy clementson

    2 árum síðan

    This is so true when i first started playing this game i never got a kill... so i deleted it and bought pubg 😂🤣

  76. loida Pascual

    loida Pascual

    2 árum síðan

    Parachuted then already have a sniper 👏👏👏

  77. Erik Barrera

    Erik Barrera

    2 árum síðan

    2:12 When I got my first kill

  78. thatgamer lryic

    thatgamer lryic

    2 árum síðan

    what skin is he based on

  79. Sherry wilson

    Sherry wilson

    2 árum síðan

    I can win

  80. Jayvee


    2 árum síðan

    I am a potato aimer

  81. Maxinaitor


    2 árum síðan

    Why is there blood there’s no blood in Fortnite good video anyway

  82. Siddhartha KVR

    Siddhartha KVR

    2 árum síðan

    Holy shit continuity!

  83. Zain Ul Abdin Baloch

    Zain Ul Abdin Baloch

    2 árum síðan

    2.23 IS FUNNY .



    2 árum síðan

    How are you sharpshooter you missed all those shots

  85. DavideThePlayer


    2 árum síðan


  86. zZXianhoZz


    2 árum síðan

    This shows how hard thr game is

  87. PlyingElm


    2 árum síðan

    "Sorry, gentlemen. I don't speak English." im dead

  88. AzureOofie


    2 árum síðan

    Sorry gentelmen i don't speak english LOL!!!!!

  89. Schroeder


    2 árum síðan

    I am, Suicidal

  90. Zelda Crafter

    Zelda Crafter

    2 árum síðan

    getting that first kill ever is always nice

  91. silvia ileana b

    silvia ileana b

    2 árum síðan

    Literally me when I first started

  92. Korutesu-san


    2 árum síðan

    1:03 when your mom saids to go home but its raining..

  93. agrilad 88

    agrilad 88

    2 árum síðan

    Your bad at fortnite

  94. Im Done Explaining

    Im Done Explaining

    2 árum síðan

    The ultimate prequel

  95. Narcis Stefanovski

    Narcis Stefanovski

    2 árum síðan

    He kinda looks lime ninja

  96. Alejandro Silva

    Alejandro Silva

    2 árum síðan


  97. TheOfficial Bulba

    TheOfficial Bulba

    2 árum síðan

    That's me every time

  98. Tural 〽

    Tural 〽

    2 árum síðan

    0.57 I laugh it 1hour

  99. Jack Mullen

    Jack Mullen

    2 árum síðan

    My brother playing

  100. Hong Bao

    Hong Bao

    2 árum síðan

    Literally my first day in fortnite .

    • Laugh Over Life

      Laugh Over Life

      2 árum síðan

      Me everyday on Fortnite